Equine Facilitated Programs

Specific programs are developed by Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts for Community Organisations and Individuals needing Assistance Major supporter of Healing Hooves Inc.

With every session Your organisation supports Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts by Hiring the Venue and Rescued Horses for Therapy Sessions.


Week 1. - Trust&Respect

Week 2. - Honesty

Week 3. - Responsibility

Week 4. - Tolerance

Week 5. -  Trust & Co-operation

Week 6. -  Focus & Vision

Week 7. - Compassion

Week 8. - Unity

This 8 weekly program has been written by a professional equine facilitator to service disadvantaged adults, youth and children in various situations.

Extra 2 week program for carers of those children and youth with equine therapy horses available.


Our Vision : is to enhance and maintain the lives of people in the local community, working in a safe environment where horses and people come together to find a sense of purpose.

Our Commitment : is to rescue horses from neglect and bound for slaughter, maintaining the well being of the horses and retraining them for Equine Therapy.

Our Goal : is to give the horse a natural role and sense of purpose to support humans to find themselves and achieve magic.

Our Aim : is to service the community with fun activities that promote a love of nature and animals while giving homeless youth, people with disabilities and others a sense of purpose.

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