Horses are like magnets for many children and provide a fantastic medium for them to learn about healthy relationships, leadership and respect. Contemporary clinical research has shown that close proximity to horses changes human brain wave patterns suggesting that humans can be affected in a positive way when in the presence of horses. We have been developing programmes over the past 12 months for children with emotional and social problems including autism spectrum disorders, ADD and anxiety disorders and have run these at both Arundel Park RDA and latterly at Loganlea. We use the fact that domesticated horses still retain thought patterns and behaviours based on their wild ancestors – essentially flight animals, and by interacting with horses on their own terms we can allow the children to see the consequence of their action and what is needed to get cooperation and respect. These techniques are very powerful and the horse is an unambiguous teacher having no hidden agenda or ego.

For children with behavioural issues, anger or fear the horse can teach them respect and allow them to connect and develop an equal relationship. As the program develops we set challenges for Youth to develop self-confidence and leadership, but one that is based on cooperation not domination. For children having very little sense of control in their lives, this is a very significant step. We offer various programs to empower children, Youth and Adults; one suggestion is our 4 or 8 week program. We will always tailor the program to the individual or schools requirement and the facilities and budget that we can work to.



Our Vision : is to enhance and maintain the lives of people in the local community, working in a safe environment where horses and people come together to find a sense of purpose.

Our Commitment : is to rescue horses from neglect and bound for slaughter, maintaining the well being of the horses and retraining them for Equine Therapy.

Our Goal : is to give the horse a natural role and sense of purpose to support humans to find themselves and achieve magic.

Our Aim : is to service the community with fun activities that promote a love of nature and animals while giving homeless youth, people with disabilities and others a sense of purpose.

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