Rescuing horses from slaughter to Re-home and Rehabilitate these horses to be for various community organisations and schools for our Current Community Organisation Clients. And give opportunities to local Businessesused for Equine Therapy Programs to support a valuable, local community organisation.

Our Commitment

To maintaining the well-being of those horses and retrain them for Therapy work while training Volunteers to care for the horses and understand their world. Writing programs for under privileged children and adults to enhance self-esteem and future prospects for work and interaction in the community.

Our Goal

To give each horse a valuable, natural role and sense of purpose in supporting humans to find themselves and achieve magic. At Healing Hooves, we offer safe experiential and interactive sessions with adults, young people, and children of all ages can find happiness and self esteem through being with the horses in a very positive way.

Our Vision

To enhance and maintain the lives of all people in the local community, working in a safe, nurturing environment where horses and people can come together to find a sense of love, loyalty and purpose giving clients & volunteers the opportunity to interact with horses in a nurturing, therapeutic & fun way.


Our Vision : is to enhance and maintain the lives of people in the local community, working in a safe environment where horses and people come together to find a sense of purpose.

Our Commitment : is to rescue horses from neglect and bound for slaughter, maintaining the well being of the horses and retraining them for Equine Therapy.

Our Goal : is to give the horse a natural role and sense of purpose to support humans to find themselves and achieve magic.

Our Aim : is to service the community with fun activities that promote a love of nature and animals while giving homeless youth, people with disabilities and others a sense of purpose.

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Numinbah Valley



It all begun like this:

On that dark night he arrived, black and startled and very scared during a 24 hour transport ride from Cairns to Gold Coast. But this was the magic moment we had been waiting for, he had finally arrived, a 2 year old Black Quarter Horse, our dream comes true! He would join a retired old race horse in trail riding and be a great companion on 7 acres.

Then this crucial event happened:

Bad things usually come in 3’s and this time was no different.

The old thoroughbred passed away after years of friendship and trust. The owners had to sell their property and the marriage comes to a breakdown. Tyson was sent to agistment with 15 other horses with lush grass, fresh water and friends, but not so happy. Every time the owner visited him he would be standing in the same place, not with the other horses and so thirsty. He just did not want to move – Tyson had so much anxiety within and like his owner, he was having a breakdown.

Weeks passed and Tyson was losing weight, he just seemed so sad and a yummy tub of mixed chaff and pellets and carrots arrived, only to have him run straight past the owner when she called and ignore the offering.

The vet was called to check his condition and eyesight, oh my gosh, the horse had been blind for the past 2 years! No one knew. Leaving the horse in a 20 acre paddock was not the most humane thing to do, putting him to sleep was the best, said the vet.

It was a hard decision for the owner to make but the owner couldn’t make it so Tyson was offered a new home with “Save a Horse Australia” who then knew of another great rescue organisation who worked closely with Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts.

It continued like this:

Tyson, now 5 years old, joined the team of therapy horses at Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts in Nerang Queensland because they believed, "blind horses can also have a wonderful quality of life, if only they're given a chance", said Jodie Alderton, founder of Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts.

“I envisioned the purpose and the emotional support Tyson could help others with and after having a one eyed mare (Cherie) for 3 years in her Equine team, we decided to rein him in.”

Tyson is having a wonderful life. Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts work with challenging and homeless teenagers, clients of all ages with various physical and mental disorders including depression, anxiety and autism. Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts is located on the Gold Coast and services the Surrounding districts and Brisbane.

One all boys school on the coast has been coming to visit “The Farm” since 2008 learning Compassion, Trust, Empathy and appreciating nature, animals and the Safe Environment for the horses. These boys were so moved into a new realm of awareness once visiting the horses and have been coming back ever since their amazing first visit.

Horses and other animals do not judge and without sight, like Tyson, they have a sixth sense and can interact with their clients in a very special way. The horse supports the person to believe in themselves, enhancing their self-esteem, promoting feelings of love and bonding the child may never have experienced before.

It’s imperative that people feel safe and connected to a community and being part of such activities with horses, in particular a blind horse like Tyson develops a much stronger sense of self and trust in nature and life. Tyson also gives vision impaired people rides and the vision impaired give back to Tyson. Even Guide dogs have fun at the Farm ofHarmony Hooves Healing Hearts while their owners are enjoying time with Tyson.

It ended like this:

Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts services local schools, organisations and groups with Equine Therapy programs and holds regular events, monthly open days and trains Volunteers for equine care and event management. Fundraisers are held regularly and runs on Donations, Sponsorships and Grants from the local Community and many Local Businesses support Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts with donations in kind. Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts major sponsor holds personal therapy sessions with a Registered Psychologist and assists locals to re-home or sell their pets so less animals are taken into 'custody' and destroyed.

Come along and experience the 'Spirit of the Horse' for yourself and you will find new life experiences that will enhance your well being and positive view of a world of magic at Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts.

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To Whom It May Concern,

Re: Harmony Hooves Horse-riding Facility at Nerang

There is a wonderful facility that I have just discovered. Yes, the property is lovely but more outstanding is the woman who is offering help to children who can’t always get it in the usual ways.

My daughter has an intellectual impairment, is on the Autistic spectrum and has physical low tone. For all these reasons, normal childhood activities and classes are not optional, despite the fact that we have tried over the years. What does work, however, is horse therapy. It is a unique package that offers a non-team activity and encourages a bond between animal and child. It also is an enormous aid towards developing core strength, co-ordination and balance. The contribution to core strength can impact on so many activities of daily living and slowly but gently improve general ability. And words don’t begin to express how it changes a child’s heart and self-esteem.

I ask that you consider any request from Ms Jodie Alderton as she pursues much needed space and funding to support this facility. It cannot be an easy venture and only exists because of a woman with a very big heart. Please take the time to think big if you can assist in any way at all. Children’s lives are changed and enhanced by what happens at Harmony Hooves.

Yours sincerely,

Tanya James


Dear Jodie

Thank you for organising the recent camp in Numinbah Valley for the young people of ther Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth. Both the young people and the youth workers who participated all enjoyed the camp immensely. your contribution to facilitating the event and keeping the cost so low is greatly appreciated

Thank you again

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Antonopoulos,

" President, on behalf of the Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth"